Project “MGAlzheimers”

MGA Twin Cam

Hello and welcome. My name is James Davis. You may already know some elements of this uniquely exciting car story; if not then go grab a cuppa and have a nose round the site. For the next few weeks this website will be under construction as I transfer and build this car’s history file in The Cloud.

For me this is all about fate and karma; in August 2018 I found this car for sale. A certain Robert Davis bought this MGA Twin Cam in 1964. For the following 53 years he courted, raced, restored and doted on it. It was my Dad’s car! As such it was always in my life – and destined to come to me – until it had to be sold 2 years ago to fund his healthcare. You see Dad has Alzheimers. It has robbed him of his creativity, his memories, his driving licence, his hobbies, his family, his soul, his life. It’s a truly wicked disease for the sufferer and especially for their families.

The car was made by MG in Abingdon Oxfordshire in 1959. It was registered from new to an Italian Count before my Dad bought it in 1964 from his best friend Mike Ellman-Brown, a legend in the MG world. In 1980 he shipped it to Barbados to be with him and his new life, then on into Canada in 2010 when he retired. In early 2016 it was sold to a dealer in the US before being re-sold twice; ultimately seeing it shipped back to the UK for sale. It’s quite well travelled – I’m sure you’ll agree – but now it’s home.

During the time I am fortunate enough to be custodian of Dad’s MG I’m going to raise money and awareness for Alzheimers. When my time with the car comes to a close I am bequeathing its auction sale proceeds to the Alzheimers Society. I want to create a legacy in his memory, to give something back, something to make him proud and to help sufferers and their families cope with this cruel disease; it’s set to become the biggest killer in the UK. And this exciting next chapter is where I need your support!

Please do get in touch and get involved, if you see me out and about then please do come and say Hi. It’s going to be at car shows and events and, most importantly, used as he would have used it. I’ve set up sites on Facebook (@MGAlzheimers) as well as Twitter (@MGAlzheimers) and Instagram (MGAlzheimers). Oh and, if you’re on LinkedIn, it’s there too!

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  1. Hi James – just been reading your piece in Safety Fast which arrived today and very moved by your story, so wanted to respond and offer support. I have a 1959 push rod MGA which I have had since 1978 and which my parents helped me to buy for my 21st, so it is nearly as old as me and very much part of the family. I raced it for a few years in the standard class of the MGA register races but did not have much clue in those days and used to drive to each circuit, stick some numbers on and off we went! Great fun even if dicing at the back with someone else equally slow. Then went into one of those long term store/restorations and eventually finished circa 2004/2005 in time for the 50th anniversary celebrations and I then competed with it in the Luffield speed championship for several years which was fun.

    Amazing to hear the history of your car and how your Dad had acquired it from Mike E-B and how you have managed to get it back again and it looks fantastic in the photos and just love those twin cam knock on wheels and of course that wonderful engine under the bonnet! Both my parents died without too much drama and with full faculties intact much to my eternal relief as I know how heart breaking it must be to lose the connection with ones parents in the way you describe. My mother in law is beginning to go that way having recently suffered a stroke so I can sympathise with your feelings of sadness and loss and what a wonderful idea to donate the car to the Society in due course.

    I wish you all good luck and enjoyment with the car and maybe see you at some event or other in the future. Best wishes, Tim Read


    • Hi Tim, thanks so much for your kind words and support. I’m definitely going to be out and about at the shows next year, where are you based? Be great to see the A and have a chat. Cars are definitely in the blood and when there is one with a familial link it’s even more special. I want to raise funds and awareness and our company’s PR supplier are petrol heads who will start to spread the story in 2019!

      Safety Fast

      07767 845848


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