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My name is James Davis. You may already know some of the background of this unique and exciting car story, if not then go grab a cuppa and have a nose round the site.

For me this is all about fate and karma; in August 2018 I found this car for sale. My Dad has Alzheimers. It has robbed him of his memories, his driving licence, his hobbies, his family and his soul. It’s a wicked disease. For 53 years he courted, raced, restored and doted on it – until it had to be sold 2 years ago to fund his healthcare.

So, during the time I am fortunate enough to be custodian of this car, I’m going to raise money and awareness for Alzheimers. And this exciting next chapter is where I need your support! Follow my adventure on social media:

MGA Alzheimers Classic Car History



Cool Timeline

August 1 2018

4th Owner – James Davis

August 2018 – Date

In August 2018 I randomly typed in “classic car” on Ebay and, 4 pages down, my heart skipped a beat! The car was back in the UK, bearing its 2 CMG number plate and on a timed auction. Within 48 hours I had bought back my Dad’s beloved MGA Twin Cam. It’s a car that’s lived in the UK, Barbados, Canada and the USA. Here I am pictured at Wirral Classic Cars. The seller had bought this car and a LHD Twin Cam from Ricky May as a package and shipped both back to the UK for sale at his friend Peter’s dealership.

March 14 2016

3rd Owner – Ricky May 

Ricky bought the MG 14/03/16 from Canada and shipped it back to his collection in Salem Virginia USA.

MGA Alzheimers Classic Car History

July 31 1963

2nd Owner – Robert Davis

31st July 1963 – 14th March 2016

The MG’s original buff log book shows the third owner as my dad. It shows he bought the car on the 21st May 1964. Speaking to Mike Ellman-Brown (who shows as the second owner) it turns out, speaking to Mike, that my dad ACTUALLY bought the MG in July 1963! He was 23. The only reason it was registered to Mike in London was that he had a friend in the London County Council who pulled strings to get registration ‘JJJ 888’ assigned to the MG! Mike had ‘JJ 88’ on his MGA.

MGA Alzheimers Classic Car History
MGA Twin Cam with Dad at The Wheel on Honeymoon Cornwall 1969

October 9 1959

1st Owner – Renato Fratini

2nd October 1959 – 31st July 1963
The car’s first owner was an Italian, Renato Fratini. At this time he was at the peak of his career as a highly successful commercial artist living and working in Kensington, London. Renato painted many famous film posters and book covers including posters for From Russia With Love and Barbarella. He used the MG to drive his girlfriend, Gina, whom he married in 1961. She went on to become a society dress designer to royalty and stars alike, including Princesses Margaret, Michael of Kent and Diana as well as the dress for Elizabeth Taylor’s second marriage to Richard Burton. Renato lived a hedonistic, fast life and was a regular in Ronnie Scotts. When Dad bought the car he said it had had a hard life!

MGA Alzheimers Twin Cam Ownership Pedigree
Renato Fratini Commercial Artist